Food you Should Always Have in Your Fridge

Are you aware of the food you should always have in your fridge. Food stored in the refrigerator are perishable and have been eating and replenish within a few days or a few weeks. Whether is expected to be some time away as if not cooked regularly is useful to have some basic food to improvise a meal in minutes. But what are these foods? Food security is important to follow some basic rules to avoid any mishap; from the look at the expiration date or preferred consumption of food left in the refrigerator to check the status of the containers and the cleaning of the appliance itself. A list is proposed with the eight essential food in the fridge.

The eight essential food you should always have in your fridge

The food in the fridge last a few days or, at most, a few weeks

Within days, or at most a few weeks, it is the time devoted to the food in the refrigerator; less if you already have opened their original containers. However, this is no impediment to obtain that food you should always have in your fridge safe and handy with which to improvise a quick menu in minutes. These are:

  1. Half a dozen eggs. The eggs do not require special storage conditions, although it is advisable to keep them in the refrigerator as a part of that food you should always have in your fridge to increase their shelf life and limit the cold itself the growth of pathogenic bacteria such as Salmonella. You can not miss on the average refrigerator or a dozen eggs because, being whole food from the nutritional point of view and with many culinary possibilities, let prepare nutritious meals and quench: omelettes, scrambled, boiled eggs, pancakes, puddings, or even desserts like custards or puddings.
  2. Or vegetable drink milk.The milk cartons or open vegetable drinks often give unpleasant surprises if not consumed. Over 4 or 5 days after opening, badly they preserved. Transfer the contents of the carton to a sealable container such as a glass bottle, you can lengthen its duration. However, these foods are not kept in good condition for longer days suggested. When in doubt, it is better to keep a locked box.
  3. Yogurts. Make sure the expiry date yoghurts are as far away from the date of purchase makes it possible to have these foods longer in the refrigerator. Dessert or snack menu of in your fridge, lunch or snacks are also guaranteed with this dairy.
  4. Ham and cheese.A package of sliced ham or cheese wedge is taken out of trouble if you need to compose a menu item or a sandwich in a time of emergency. Vacuum packed perfectly preserved in the refrigerator for days and weeks, so this is the preferred way to save if you anticipate an extended absence.
  5. Salad bags. Include in your food you should always have in your fridge those products as packaged salads, clean and ready to eat, have a shelf life of about 7 days in a closed bag. Have a couple of bags in the refrigerator serves as a “wild card” to improvise a nutritious and fresh salad when you return home.
  6. Canned foods. Whether fish, vegetables or legumes, canned food should be eaten within a few days, once the container has been opened. To extend its useful life from hours to a few days, should spend the rest of canned a glass container with a hermetic seal.
  7. Avocado and thick-skinned fruits. The fruits and tougher skin like avocado, apples, oranges or usually bananas endure longer, so they can keep more days in the refrigerator. Banana skin blackens with the cold, but this change in appearance does not affect the taste or quality. With a chopped avocado can develop a more energetic and very nutritious salad. Avocado with grain maize, tomato and sliced onion and crumbled tuna, resulting in an original mix which garnishes the pasta dish for that day.
  8. Carrots and onions. They are by far the most durable vegetables. A bunch of fresh carrots and onions in the fridge can have these healthy vegetables to improvise well various dishes: salads, creamed vegetables, stir to mix with rice, pasta or vegetables, etc. This is some basic list of food you should always have in your fridge

The importance of rotating foods preserved

To ensure hygiene in storerooms and refrigerated chambers or freezers is important to clean and disinfect areas regularly and check the rotation of the products. Thus, they must first be consumed with food stored longer.

Prevent the accumulation of ice on the evaporators, and water dripping on food and do not overload the cameras to not hinder the circulation of cold air are basic rules of hygiene and food handling.

Replace the original containers that are dirty or damaged by other new or clean and respect the expiry dates or preferred consumption habits are necessary to maximise the food safe. In addition, they have to avoid cross contamination and transmission of food odours few others, so that will be placed in batches according to their nature or state, if they are raw or already cooked. These basic rules of food hygiene regular monitoring of the temperature of the cold (maximum 4) and freezer (at least 18 ° C below zero) is added. Be sure to keep up to date that food you should always have in your fridge.

Food you Should Always Have in Your Fridge
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Food you Should Always Have in Your Fridge
If you wonder What Food you Should Always Have in Your Fridge here we have made for you a short list
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